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A group of nerds that meet on the third Sunday of every month and talk about Harry Potter in Philadelphia. They are nerds, and the discussions often deter to even nerdier topics like Lord of the Rings, etc.
Person 1: Hey you, do you think Harry Potter is the 7th horcrux?
Person 2: What the fuck is wrong with you? Go to a Potterdelphia meeting.
by Filius Flitwick January 21, 2007

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1. A really really hot chick. She's so hot she's scary. It can also be a really really hot guy, but it mostly for women. This dementor makes something silvery come out of your wand.

You must be a dementor , because when I see you, something silvery comes out of my wand. I mean seriously, expecto patr-OH!!!
by Filius Flitwick January 27, 2007

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