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In the winter, a quiet little drinking town with a small fishing problem off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. The summer however, is quite different. The population explodes five-fold with the coming of insanly wealthy preppy tourists, who are not to be confused with the locals by anymeans. I am a local, and I can tell you, most locals are NOT rich. We are the construction workers, the landscapers, and the people who cook and clean up after the summer folk, becuase they are too "good" to do any work themselves. Of course, there are exceptions. Look hard enough and you just might find a rich local, or a cool tourist. Respect the locals and you are sure to have a good summer. See also: Figawi.
Many Nantucket locals think Connecticut sucks, or at least the towns of Greenwitch and Darien. Snobby bastards.
by FigawiGoose September 25, 2005
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An annual sailboat race from Cape Cod to the island of Nantucket, taking place at the begginging of summer. It has become a weekend long event for the island, and is really nothing more than an excuse to get wasted and walk around town. It doesnt matter who wins the race, as long as all contstants and townsfolk have consumed copious amounts of alcohol. The word figawi supposedly comes from drunken sailors with the New England accent landing on Nantucket and asking the question, "Where the fuck are we?"
On Nantucket during this particular weekend, you may hear many drunks ask, "Where the Figawi?"
by FigawiGoose September 25, 2005
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