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Typically word used to describe somebody of smaller size after theyve angered a group or person reason for being called a pipsqueak sorta the opposite of calling someone a long streak of duck shit
"Theyve done it again"
"The little pipsqueak, has gotten everyone together trying to take control because of greedyness and this angers us because he already has heaps more than some dont"
"Dont get started about what he does because youd be as angry as him doing the horrible things he does all the time, and anyone who sides with him or his kind is a squirt of piss just the same"
"But he injects people while theyre asleep causing sores and sickness, not once ever bothering to give the time of day to people while in the right state of mind"
"See, his greed, because hes a pipsqueak he feels a need to obtain more than his size"

"Maybe if he used the amount of drugs the same to his size he wouldnt have the problems he does"
*he could possibly be a she but continuing targets of educational experimentations are not informed of identities so no harm is done yet wasnt a problem because they gave the test subject plenty of drugs to subdue so if they did realise still nothings done.
by Ficticiousfan November 25, 2019
Descriptive word of female named laura because she wants you to believe you get what you give and she wants everyone to think shes beautiful because of her own insecurities because shes never had a hardtime except dealing with machoman who really only want her as a trophy
The vanity of a pipsqueak never ceases
by Ficticiousfan November 25, 2019