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A common term used to describe a college party in which the typical apartment with floor space for 25 people is exceeding the limit by at least 10 times over. Symptoms may include stuck up against the wall, frequent beer spillage, long keg lines, restlessness, the uncertainty of who's body odor you're smelling, and the depressing realization that you only had half a beer and it's already 2 in the morning.
Mooney: "So what did you think about that rager last night at Hunter's Ridge?"

Preston: "Are you kidding? That party was a total sardine-fest! The keg ran out within the first fifteen minutes i was there and there was so many people that i couldn't move away from this disgusting chick that smelled like used tampons!"
by Ffej16 December 19, 2010

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When one goes about the act of vomiting and defecating at the same time, causing the individual to spew filth in multiple directions.
"After pulling a Texas Two-Way in the parking lot, George promptly rallied on into the Van Halen concert."
by Ffej16 January 27, 2016

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