1 definition by Fernando & Miguel

1.) A train that somehow gets off the tracks and manages to somehow still run without tracks...

2.) A word used when you are in distress.

3.) An annoying ass song that was writtin by Soul Asylum in the Mid-90's.

4.) A massive uncontrollable orgasm for a man. It is so massive that the semen is impossible to control and you end up shooting it across the room and splashing the wall with white goo.
1.)Runaway train victim: I was playing Tecmo Bowl when suddenly a runaway train went through my backyard and killed a guy living in my shed.

2.) (a guy gets hit in the head with a baseball) RUNAWAY TRAIN!!!!

3.) I was at my friend nasty nate's house when all the suddne he whipped out a Sould Asylum Cd so i had to kick his ass.

4.)OH MY GOD! RUNAWAY TRAIN!!!!! ::KApoW!:: ::splat::
by Fernando & Miguel July 23, 2004
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