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A baseball team that only recently realized that people of color could help their city (2004). Although they have blamed George Herman Ruth for their bad luck, they simply had terrible teams because they were the last team in baseball to have a black player. Are the Red Sox a better team than the glorious Yankees? Currently, yes. However, they have 20 championships left to catch up. However, the issue of controversy stems from their fan base, not their actual team.

If you ever see pictures of Red Sox "fans" you will see rich, white folks who are ignorant and share views of the historically infamous Red Coats (see Revolutionary War). Yankee fans are numerous and can be found throughout the world, with fans of all different races, religions, and creeds. Yankee fans possess something called common sense, class, and welcome anyone, whereas Red Sox fans embrace ignorance, hatred, and being intoxicated. Also, Red Sox fans have a tendency to speak with a heavy, unrecognizable accent that no one thinks sounds intelligent. It is much more ridiculous than that of a New Yorker.

Also, the Red Sox are based in a city that nobody cares about, as it could fall off the map and only about 10 people would notice. When was the last time someone attempted a terrorist attack on Boston? Never - its disappearance would not hurt the U.S. at all. In fact, there would be a lot less racism in our country if that happened. Most of the students at Harvard and MIT are NOT from the New England area, so if those people were taken out, the total IQ of Boston would equal exactly 3.
Red Sox fan: The Yankees suck my balls! You f*ckin' suck my balls! I'll beat you up because I've never grown up!
Yankees fan: That's cool. I love your use of the word "balls." You must be a literary genius.
Red Sox fan: Go back to your own country! Get out of here, you sh*t face! I'm stupid and drunk!
Yankees fan: I have no idea what you just said. I have to go run Wall Street and live in the greatest city in America.
by Fence Geneva February 02, 2008

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