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One of the most popular Sonic fan communities, also grown into an "All-around" community. It's still Sonic based to the roots, but it has a little bit of everything. It's got it's ups and downs, such as the horrid people that insult people on a daily basis, and complain about the forums being horrid, but it's never meant to be taken seriously, as they just live to insult people. Most people who act horrid to others usually are veterans of the original site, who just hate all the new comers. But of course, there is still people among SoaH that are veterans of the old boards, that are kind to everyone, unless proven that they don't deserve kindness. Most examples come from a few of the moderators and admins, and the well known "Old Skool" members. Mind you, spelling and grammar go a long, long way. And a good attitude is bound to get you accepted and welcomed into the community.
SoaH: Never meant to be taken seriously.
by Fei the Cat May 15, 2007
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