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A strange combination of the commonly used word lmao and mao Tse-Tung the leader of the communism revolution in China.
Express an ultimate Lmao situation.
Guy1: OMFG How can I put a longsword in my throat?
Guy2: MAN, that's LMAO TSE-TUNG!!!
by Feek165 May 23, 2007

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A short for Elder Scrolls Forums.
(Oblivion video game forum)
Some idiot on ESF: OMG Bethesda and Elder scrolls series suck!!!!!

Moderator: Official Bethesda and Elder Scrolls forums aren't the best place to post this. Banned.
by Feek165 April 17, 2007

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Short for the video game editor: Construction Set

Construction set is used to create mods/plug-ins (user made content for others to play) for Elder scrolls video game series. (www.elderscrolls.com)
Q: Heh, How can I ever find a good looking players house in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?

A: Download some mods/plug-ins or open the CS and create your own house.
by Feek165 April 17, 2007

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