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Formally a very good website but it has gone totally to shit.

Whoever owns the website has obviously gave up maintaining it.

False reporting runs VERY FREQUENT, especially in the Others-Cultures&Groups and Polls&Survey area. When you appeal a report then you NEVER get a response back on whether it was appealed or not (you used to get a response within a couple days).

Plus, there are constantly glitches on the site (a new unique crazy glitch every time), those are eventually fixed after the site not working properly for days after each new glitch pops up.

It's just trash now and a lot of people are leaving it
Yahoo Answers needs to get their fucking act together because people are leaving, including me. If their too fucking lazy to give a shit then at least sell the site to somebody who will give it attention. Damn shame.
by Feddafunkup December 31, 2012

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