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Hootersmurfer (hoot-err-smirf-err), Noun. A "hootersmurfer" is a term that is synonymous with any noun ever created for any spoken language, when said noun cannot be retrieved from conscious, short or long-term memory. Meaning, when tip-of-tongue syndrome is present, "hootersmurfer" can be used to describe the object for which the speaker cannot think of the name.
"Hey, bob, what ever happened to that... uh... that 'hootersmurfer' you had?"

"You mean my electric bug-zapper?"

"YEAH, that's the thing! Remember how we used to get drunk and see who could hold on to the glowing rod the longest?"
by Fat-man August 14, 2006

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Brew Ha (Bru - haw), Noun. A naturally carbonated alcoholic beverage, most often beer or malt liquor. Please note that any brew other than standard, cheap domestic (I.E., imported) does not fall under this definition.
"After the bar closes, lets get some brew ha and start a fire out at that field we just found."
by Fat-man August 14, 2006

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