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An avenue in Upper Manhattan that begins at 165th St and runs to 193rd St where it meets Ft George Hill. It is between the commercial thoroughfares of Amsterdam and St
Nicholas Avenues, which are the main arteries of the Heights along with Broadway. If anything, Audubon Avenue has a reputation as a rough area, even today when the Heights ands all of NYC is gentrifying at a rapid pace. Audubon maintains it's "roughness" and is still like it was in the old days. Probably the most famous product to be sold on Audubon is "haze" which is synonymous with Audubon and the Heights. Weed, especially haze, is so common on Audubon that everyone from suburbanites to rappers are buying weed there. Audubon Avenue is also home to George Washington H.S. former home to everyone from Manny Ramirez to Henry Kissinger.

"And I done copped from every damn haze spot on Audubon!" - rapper Hell Rell of the Dipset in a 2007 rhyme.
by Fat ass lover February 12, 2008
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