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Outdated social construct perverted from a once noble mission into socioeconomic virus destined to usher in the next great depression.

In the 1920's, unions protected people from slave wages and conditions. Over time, they won the war and the American middle class boomed. Today, having fulfilled their mission, rather than fading away, they continue to fight in a kind of sad, desperate grasp at hanging on to their own existence. They are not unlike the ACLU. Having gained the major victories and won all the good fights, they seek out the most petty, trivial, and even downright morally reprehensible battles in effort to justify their continued existence.
How come Japanese cars perform better, get better mileage, and are safer?

Well, maybe it's because the Japanese don't have cut $2000 of features out of every car to fulfill rich union retiree obligations. Or perhaps it's because they have more money to hire the best engineers because they don't pay uneducated, unskilled workers $25-35/hr to do manual labor.

Wait. Wait. I got. Perhaps it's because they're workers haven't been poisoned by American unions and feel like a craftsman trading equally with their company rather than leeches trying only to suck out as much as possible while exerting the minimal amount of effort... hmmm?
by Fascist Pork August 08, 2006
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1) Noun. He who fornicates publicly without reason.

2) Verb. To fornicate without reason in public
That dude's such a Momberger. He totally fucked that chick right at the counter.

She's really hot. I'd totally Momberger that chick.
by Fascist Pork August 20, 2006
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