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n. - refers to a particular University of Tennessee nuclear engineering student with an aversion to common sense and a striking likeness to Quentin Tarantino. He drinks far too much (~$100 tabs for himself alone), says completely asinine and inappropriate things, and makes lewd statements about women in upper management at his place of employment (around other members of management, nonetheless). Time around him can be described as nothing other than offensive. He never fails to annoy the hell out of the people he is around. He claims to have "never been turned down" by a girl, by the way...so all you UT ladies out there watch out! Gway is on the prowl!

Origin: Due to his frequent use of the word "dude," Gway felt the need to explain what the word for "dude" is in Spanish. He pronounced it "gway." It turns out, after a little investigation, it should have been pronounced like "way." The name has stuck with him since.

If there is a gene that determines one's level of common sense and tact, then he's completely missing it.

Other names of his include: Gway George (i.e. Boy George's "friend"), Gway Bob (i.e. Smiling Bob's protege), and Metro Gway (i.e. Gway's feminine side)

adj. - any action or thing that is characteristic of Gway
n. - "Gway, shut the f*** up"

adj. - "That shirt you're wearing is completely gway"
by Fair Warning to UT August 09, 2005
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