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1 definition by FRA$ER

Means to stay focused or on track when there are distractions or danger about. Can be used when talking to yourself and also when helping others. From Star Wars, where they assault the Death Star and they are in the trench run and one guy is bitching about it being too close and he wants to pull out and the other dude is like "stay on target, stay on targettttttt".
1. Ray: Dude I don't know about this dare to shit on her car, it's too busy, we could get caught.

Frank: Stay on target, stay on targettttt!

2. While biking down a hill Frank is thinking to himself I am going too fast I could injure myself. So he screams out to help him focus and gee himself up "stay on target, stay on targetttttt!".
by FRA$ER April 4, 2008
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