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A really fucking tall bridge that connects Manatee county to Pinellas County in Florida. Place where stupid alcis and stoners jump off to end there lives. A G5 slope on the downrun that scares the shit out of everyone who dares drive over it. The original bridge was hit by a drunk transport ship driver with multiple sclerosis that killed 36 people. The bridge that you should go over ONLY if it is really necessary. Another reason why the Tampa Bay Rays only draw 12,000 fans while being in first place.
Fuck, I have to drive over that tall ass Sunshine Skyway bridge to get to the rays game tonight.
by FC2Mikey24 August 12, 2008

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Grey hairs in a beard when the rest of beard is still predominantly the natural hair color. Usually seen in bearded men between the ages 35-50
I'm 38 and I have a gnarly beard full of wisdom whiskers.
by FC2Mikey24 June 04, 2017

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