1 definition by FBURG ACADEMY!!!

Also known as "the place where Fredericksburg's waste flows". Crazy kids think that they own shit when they are tryin to rock trashy brands like Abercrombie. Try on a Ralph Polo and then we will talk to you. Most Stafford teen residents try to crash Fredericskburg events because there's nothing in Stafford except for farms, poorly crafted shantys, and the local Wawa gas station/"night club". Quit kidding yourself.
At the Burg's annual XMas parade:
"HEYYYY i'm from stafford county and im soooo rich look at my abercrombie and my slutty ass girlfriend!!"
Fredericksburg residents: "shouldn't you be at the local Wawa meeting up with your fellow peasents?"
by FBURG ACADEMY!!! September 2, 2006