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a korean girl who seems so sweet and nice but shes actually very naughty. She may look like shes so innocent but shes not. she parties alot and her parents are packed lol. She can be a real bitch some times too. all together she is a well rounded person.
Someone dabeen doesnt like stares at her:
she will say "what the fuck you staring."
person "nothing"
she "turn the fuck around then"

person "what the fuck is your problem"
She "you, your so annoying and you didn't your better than every one and you think everyone likes you but f.y.i you not perfect and no one fucking likes you so turn the fuck around or if you wanna talk shit behind my back again say it to my face bitch"

but she nice to people she likes. like when her friends dont have money that day she shares her food or buys them something to eat. she stands up for her friends. she takes care of her friends.
by F.Y.I March 10, 2010
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