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A sex position like doggy-style except the person that's behind wraps his hands around the mouth and nostrils of the person on the bottom, making it hard for her to breathe

Note: heteronormative pronouns were used as placeholders; the position itself is gender netural, just like the pandemic :)
While in the Coronavirus position:

Him: Oh yeah, you sexy little oxygen whore; breathe for daddy

Her: * wheezes * mmhfdfhg yes corona-daddy fuck me, oh fuck me

Him: it's so hot when you call me that
by EyyCrossroads March 20, 2020

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1. A tropical fruit with characteristic spikes of fur

2. A tree emits fruit of the same name


1. A sexual act involving a rambutan and another's anus
"Oh, rambutans are on sale! Perfect, they'll go well in the puree"

"The sensation when you rambutan me is unlike any other"
by EyyCrossroads December 25, 2018

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