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A blind follower of Ayn Rand & her philosophy of objectivism.

Randroids are often selfish rich kids who want to justify being rich and economically conservative, or "classical liberalism" and engaging in illegal activities such as drug use and having sex with underage girls.

Randroids will always say shit like "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?" regardless of the fact that most of them inherit their wealth as did their fathers, and their fathers before them.

Randroids are never working-class folks getting by paycheck to paycheck, and do not care about such people.

Privatizing everything, from police to schools, is their dream.

To a Randroid, being nice, charitable, altruistic and fair is to be a morally reprehensible person and such things are vices.

A hero to them is a selfish man who takes what he wants, does what he wants and cares only about himself.
Bob: "Why should I care if you're starving?

You're just lazy! Grow some legs and get a job you bum!"

Tyler: "Bob you Randroid, he's a deaf mute! Go spend your trustfund on booze and weed!"
by ExtremeMetalFTW April 10, 2010

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