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The growing band of individuals who are becoming increasingly annoying. Symptoms are that they walk along having a mobile phone conversation, but when the conversation becomes too difficult they have to switch on their second working brain cell which causes them to stop dead in their tracks causing a normal person following to bump into, or with difficulty, avoid them. The following person then naturally will try to go round the mobile zombie, just as the Phombie manages to switch the 2nd brain cell back to walking mode, thus almost causing a second collision.
London has been filling up more and more with mobile zombies lately
by Expert pedestrian March 17, 2010
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A delicious dish cooked up for the "lazy brunch" section of Something for the Weekend an appropriately named show if it's going to use such innuendo. Created by Mr. Simon Rimmer, no relation to "smoke me a kipper" Rimmer
Today we'll be cooking up a delicious Fish Taco (said in a light scouse accent)
by Expert Pedestrian June 21, 2010
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