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Fall Out Boy, formed in Chicago Illinois U.S in 2001-present. Pop/punk/rock genre in music. Band members: Andrew John Hurley- Drums, Joseph Mark Trohman- Lead guitar/backing vocals, Patrick Martin Stump-lead vocals/rhythm guitar, and Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III-Bass guitar/Backing vocals.

Gives a great performance no matter what. Joe Trohman And Pete Wentz Motion around the stage with signature moves such as Joe Trohman with the trohmania and Pete Wentz with crowd surfing at the end of Saturday(song) as examples. Patrick's amazing vocals moves the crowd and plays the guitar at the same time with outstanding solo's.

Fall Out Boy's latest album is Infinity On High released in January of 2007. April 1st 2008 their double platinum record was released as a live DVD called **** live in Phoenix. Proving how well they perform.

On the channelV top 200 countdown of 2007, Fall Out Boy Reached the following on the charts:

198- Im like a lawyer... (me+you)
56- The Take Over The Breaks Over
11- This aint a scene it's an arms race
3- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

being some of the biggest hits of 2007- present.
Ive been to a Fall Out Boy concert.

(this statement is true i have been to a Fall Out Boy concert!)
by Ewwy March 31, 2008

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