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Gone - ah - tock - ah - more - kin.

A purposefully bad chat-up line/response to a chat-up line. Usually designed to make a person think that you are completely off your trolley (and probably make them go away).
Boy: Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?
Girl: Do you want to slap my newspapers? *bats eyelashes* (this is the gonatokamorkin.)
Boy: *thinking this is a euphemism* Yeah, okay. *pervy face*
Girl: *smiles brightly and gets two newspapers out of her bag* Here you go!
Boy: *confusion*

Girl 1: Do you want to smell my loofah?
Girl 2: Gonatokamorkin much?

What's the charge on your ion?
by EvilBeans December 12, 2008

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