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Everybody's mind and spirit working as one to reach a common goal.
The collective soul of the United States in 1776 was freedom and independence from England.
by Evan Del July 18, 2010
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(noun) Smol - Let

A person who plans a hoax attack on themself for a political agenda, career desperation, relationship troubles and/or fame to gain support towards your victimhood but fail in making it believable and get caught in the lie. Although, you still won’t admit to it, therefore completely achieving the opposite effect one wanted with everyone now hating you.
Hey man, you hear about Drew? He’s a smollet and anti-Semite. He claimed to be beaten up by two Jewish men; but it turns out he paid two Algerians. He’s in love with that anti-Semitic congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, and hoped she’d visit him at the hospital. But she only likes real anti-Semites.
by Evan Del February 19, 2019
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