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A word used in fan fictions meaning ‘your name’ used in first person/ reader point of view fanfics
‘Hey y/n how are you doing?’
You would insert your name, let’s say you are called Shamma

The sentence then becomes
‘Hey Shamma how are you doing?’
by Euph0riakookie July 30, 2019

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hyeonmin is the BESTEST boy to ever exist
the 03 liner, dancer, singer, maknae of n.cus.
cu keys baby chick <3

to look after a hyeonmin you have to tuck him safely to bed every night,, make sure he is fed and watered at all times.
omg is that hyeonmin?

yes! our minnie is growing up so fast.
by Euph0riakookie February 11, 2020

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