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A fun way to say "under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms". A state of being. Synonymous to "tripping balls".
That motherfucker is bemushroomed, for sure. He's chewing on the table and muttering about cats made of ice and toothpicks.
by Ennuified November 26, 2006
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The sequel to Halo, and very nearly as highly overrated as its predecessor. In both games, mediocre gameplay is complemented by equally mediocre graphics and an abysmal online community that consists mainly of eleven-year-old prepubescent fucktards, all of which have microphones that they employ frequently as a tactic to deter other players from the server, so they can feel like they're good at the game.

Around the release of Halo 2, many ignorant Halo fanboys had the gall to compare Halo 2 to Half-Life 2 in terms of quality, but they were soundly trumped after HL2 was released to massive critical acclaim.
Noobtard: Hey, I play Halo 2.
Real Gamer: Okay.
Noobtard: It's better than Half-Life 2.
Real Gamer: No, Halo is a shitty, generic shooter that never deserved the popularity it has recieved. Go stab yourself in the face and die.
by Ennuified November 26, 2006
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