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the greatest band of all time ever, original lyrics, and as loyal to their fans as thier fans are to them,
insane clown posse kicks ass and if you dont like them then fuck off
by Energizerman38 September 20, 2006
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First off. CLAIRITY!!!
A Juggalo is not somebody who is a "fan" of Insane Clown Posse or any other psychopathic group. You don't necessarily even need to have a specific preference to Insane Clown Posse. Its not devil music. Most Juggalos follow God (see song lyrics to "thy unveiling").
I am a Juggalo. I don't particularly follow God but I respect people who do and don't.
Juggalos are the people who everybody hates for no reason. Why are these people hated so much. No reason. It is seen as a convince to not be friendly to these people. And why so. A friend sticks up for you and has your back as much as they can. Nobody is there 24/7 'cept siblings who hate you for affiliating you with Juggalos.
Juggalos are part of a family of Juggalos, brothers and sisters of all different races, ages, weights, shapes, sizes, beliefs, hair color natural or dyed, income, there is nothing but your popularity and you undevotedness that can keep you from being a Juggalo. Juggalos are there for each other and will fight for each other. We love each other. Worldwide. All Juggalos like bands that are non-psychopathic affiliates. I've even met Juggalos who like some songs by Eminem. As long as you stay devoted to your Juggalo family you can call yourself a Juggalo. I've never seen a Juggalo go undefended by others amongst family. We don't stand for it. Not all Juggalos are poor, fat, ugly, stupid, drug abusers, stoners, alcoholics, "wiggers", or mentally ill. Shit I'm a Juggalo I've sent people scrambling to find a dictionary in casual conversation. It doesn't matter. We will always back a homie in need when we see need for it. I trust my Juggalo family more than my blood family. I rely on my Juggalo family more too.
Some people think that this term is bullshit. I don’t particularly care that much. Some people think that it was a feminist Juggalo… just whatever. I respect whatever a sister wants to be called should it be Juggalo, Juggalette, or anything else.
Juggalos are made up of the outcasts, people that all the popular people hate and all the people discriminated against for no reason. They are part of the best family and have better friends than any other non-Juggalo could ever have.
A Juggalo always has their Juggalo family even if their alone we will always be together in spirit. If you don't like that or don't like so you reject it then fuck you bitch.
by Energizerman38 October 06, 2006
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I don't particualarly like Eminem but the first song on 8 mile was pretty good
I am a Juggalo

Now you can hate
in my opinion eminem is the kind of artist you have in your music library when you want to listen to it. i dont really go after it.
by Energizerman38 September 20, 2006
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