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When a member of a workplace feels so threatened by other members of staff that they have to fabricate both an entire back story of the 'exciting' life they abandoned to come and work here.

A Martin Stoner will usually see there way to the top by using their supreme lying skills to cajole insecure people into their clique, and try to 'push' other members out.
Worker 1: Did you hear that Worker 3 tried to get Lily fired?

Worker 2: Oh no, that's terrible!

Worker 1: Yeah I know

Worker 3: What are you talking about?

Worker 1: Did you try to get Lily fired?

Worker 3: No, what made you say that?

Worker 1: Well worker 4 told us - he used to work for Medicine Sans Frontier in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro so we believed him.

Worker 3: It's not true - it's a Martin Stoner.

Worker 1: Oh right, I'll watch what worker 4 tells me from now on.
by EndoGhost November 23, 2009
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