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An oxymoron. Anything emo is never, ever brutal.
You: Look at that brutal emo kid. His Converse All Stars own. He slays.

Me: No he doesn't. He's about as brutal as Fiona Apple, and takes it in the ass like Richard Simmons. Watch as I smash his face and piss in those fagbag shoes of his.
by Endlose Nichtigkeit March 26, 2007
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To fuck, with a punch. Similar to fisting, only more violent and much more painful. Causes severe distension of the orifice, and at times, uncontrollable bleeding. Anal punchfucking leads to loss of bowel control and incessant shitting.
Oh baby! Punchfuck my ass hard!
by Endlose Nichtigkeit October 03, 2006
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