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Someone who is treated like a second-class citizen because they "ungrateful, good-for-nothing, know-it-all's". Because they "Don't realise how good they've really got it". They are ignored and nagged and expected to do every an adult asks without question, as if we are slaves, because we don't have a job amd so clearly don't work. Oh, working your ass off at school, then coming home and doing homework (a huge essay that will take up your entire evening) doesn't count as work, according to adults.
Adult: Don't you give me that attitude missy!
Teenager: genuinely confused what attitude?
Adult: THAT attitude!
Teenager: exasperated...o-k-a-y...
Adult: Don't you be all sarcastic with ME!
Teenager: sigh
by Emily Young, school kid, only 15 November 14, 2006
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