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Adjective... also called `cute` but this is a cuter spelling of cute therefore making it even cuter than cute.. can be used to describe anyone or anything.
Emily: wow Matt Bellamy is cyoot
Dom: gosh yes, hes the cyootest ever!
Emily and Dom: awwwww Matt
by Emily K April 03, 2005

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Adjective. This is used to describe
* someone that loves their guitar
* someone that have sex with their guitar
* someone that loves guitars and people who play guitars such as matthew bellamy from muse.
* someone that is interested in the mechanical side of guitars and generally guitars.
omg... Matt Bellamy has sex with his guitar!!!
guitars are so cool
gosh you are such a guitariac!
Emily : i love matthew bellamy
Dom : oh.. well i love him too! sooo much!
Katy : you two are such a pair of guitariacs!
by Emily K April 04, 2005

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