1 definition by Emilio Augustus

Chevron patterned, simply southern, ugg wearing, vineyard vines, softball playing, stuck up women that everyone knows. They can usually be found wearing a Patagonia pullover and carrying a yeti cup with a really tacky and colorful monogramon it. These women are very basic so don’t expect anything but chevron patterns and the same popular southern brands. Everything they own WILL have a monogram on it. From towels to keychains to boots, they won’t be hard to spot. It’s not preppy, it’s tacky. If you don’t know a chevron then you probably are one. And if you are one, please rethink your style choices. Branch out. Don’t be simply southern, be extraordinarily unique.
Oh wow that bumper sticker is really chevron...

Yeah his family was great but his mom is a big chevron.

Her outfit is kinda cute? I don’t know. It looks kinda chevron to me.
by Emilio Augustus February 13, 2018
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