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Laura is the type of person to say fuck it and do it, she loves living on the edge and creating adventurous memories. She’s a strong beautiful girl and no one quite knows what she’s been through, she is a smart, keen, determined individual, destined to make a change in the world. A Laura is an hilarious girl and has the personality of a comedian, she has much confidence but lacks patience and her moody outlet being blunt just adds to her personality. She’s a forgiving kind person willing to make people smile even if she’s having a bad day, she wants so be somebody, an individual, like no one else. She does not care whether people like her or love her, she just is herself and no one can change that. She’s a real keeper for a friend and will create the best memories with you
Have you heard of Laura?

Yeah, she’s so cool!
by Ellie may thomas January 12, 2019

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When something that is inevitably going to happen, doesn’t. A godly act
The girl knew the van was going to hit her even within 2 metres, but it didn’t. The Gambelle effect
by Ellie may thomas February 02, 2020

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