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East Islip : Where to bein, Well as the other 2 definitions have mentioned, EI is definitely wealthy and upper middle class. On the contrary though it isnt as stuck up as described below. HAHA just kidding. East Islip, like Great Neck, Oyster Bay, and Great River is known for its money, cars, fashion, housing, and behavior. East Islip is primeraly white and rich. Although EI does have a section that is equal to being upper middle class in say Bayshore. As of 2007 EI school district is operating on a contingency budget. Many clubs, sports, and electives have been cut, but as usual EI residents opened their fat wallets to donate money to save some clubs, the majority of the High School's sports, and some school functions. As for the East Islip Middle School, it is definitely home to some extremely stuck up teens. The school received a huge expansion about 2-3 yrs. ago, almost doubling the classroom amount. The School is quite impressive looking both on the inside and the outside with its new brick and its spankin new food court that is home to its OWN deli, pizzeria, regular lunch line, hamburger line, and misc. foods. The teens tend to wear A and F, Hollister, Lacoste, and girls have anything and everything from Coach, Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. The richer residents tend to reside south of Main Street in estates like, Country Village, Deer Run, Hollins, Moorings and Great River (Technically GR is a town but it is kinda like a village of EI). The Moorings is the only gated community out of those listed above. The town aslo HAS no bars, or fast food restaurants as of right now. The last bar shut down last summer. The town has hardly any litter and no "ugly" areas. It is also home to Hecksher State park and a beautiful marina. The is most definitely stuck up though, and rich, and loaded with teens (from East Islip Middle School) that drink, play beer pong, gamble w/ their family's $, apparently do drugs, and basically DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. The teens here tend to grow up quicker due to their family's $. REDMEN 4ever.
When i entered college my room mate asked me where i was from. When i responded East Islip it was like word spread like fire. I became know as the rich little privileged boy from Long Island. Well i was but i lived in EI in the seventies (way before it became like it is today---- it wasn AS stuck up) lol.
by Eihater12 February 01, 2007

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