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An alternate name for the extremely endangered albeit lovable species also known affectionately as chopsy or cho. They are renowned for their utter confusion and lack of direction. But their cute n cuddly disposition make them immensely likeable. Some reported sightings have claimed that they have pink fluffy tails but this has not been proven. World renowned adventurer, Shyam Valsan is said to be the only one to have interacted with the chopsy in its natural habitat. Unlike other mythical and strange creatures such as the yeti or bigfoot, priyanka does not instill fear , they are said to be docile and caring, though research has found that under conditions of stress they use an extremely ancient form of martial arts for self defense.
"Oh man I totally messed up the directions to your house, I ended up being as lost as a priyanka"
by Egorulz March 29, 2008
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