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Is a weird being of ape descendant from Vietnam who is also a prat. He is on FaceBook and likes 76.2kN of force videos.

He sucks at multi-tasking and only likes sucky RTS games like Civilisation and StarCraft 2 instead of cool games like AoE I and FreeSpace2, curveball, Elasto Mania and UT99.

He also plays CS on the same stupid map over and over with other similarities.

Is oddly obsessed with BMWs, Audis and Mercedes that must be post 1995, and would like to think the car can feel him from the inside. Will not settle for a perfectly good, just as reliable 1980's vehicle that costs about a third of the cost of post 1995's.

Has friends who own Daihatsu Charades and other shitty brands, and one who owns (guess) a BMW!

He is brown.

He wears glasses and has a beard. Likes bearded dragons.

HD movies, he HAS to use HD in YouTube even if the video is not HD. Did I tell you he likes HD movies on his not-that-big screen that actually has HD resolution? But is only 16.9 so he can't watch hyper-HD movies (eg 2.34:1)

Has too many phones.

Has a 3.5" paper subwoofer.

Only wrote 2 paragraphs in his UD def.

His computer cannot play AoE I therefore it sucks.

I'm bored, there's too much crapness to b**ch about when it comes to Jack Pham...
Jack Pham likes his mobile reviews, because someone else with the same name actually does mobile reviews.

Oh, you sexy beach, look at those wheels, so shiny!
by Eejit22 Daihatsu Charade October 25, 2010

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