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Quite possibly the most addictive PC game ever created. Mostly played by people in Scandinavia, but it has a worldwide audience.
Guy: Hey why is it that so many Finns play Elasto Mania?
Me: What else is there to do there...
by ZensuR October 08, 2006
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Elasto Mania, familiarly Elma/Across 2 (published in January 2000), is a very addictive 2-D motorbike simulation game, based on a real physical model. It normally divides the opinions very strictly, people either love or hate it. Most love :)

In the game, you have to complete various stages, levels by collecting all the apples as fast as possible and then touching the flower. So, the idea is very simple and might sound a bit boring but it definetly is not. Maybe it's just the simple idea which makes the game so addictive.
"Hey Jamie, What is the best computer game of all time?" "Well Tim I would have to say Elastomania." "I agree"
by Jamoi March 25, 2005
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