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To re-evaluate is a concious decision made by an individual, who has possibly hit rock bottom, to develop a plan in order to get their life back on track in an attempt to climb their way back up the social ladder.
Drew: What's up Joe?
Joe: I just got kicked out of school because I never go to class and my marks suck, I'm flat broke because I can't keep a job, and my girlfriend just dumped me... fuck.
Drew: You need to re-evaluate.
by Edsy January 23, 2008
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rattled: a negative feeling often associated with anger, hatred, and discomfort.

Some individuals can become rattled when manually provoked by aggrevating events or inviduals. In some extreme cases some individuals can become rattled by simply seeing another individual that they perceive to be aggrevating for various reasons.
Buddy: Hey there Chuck, did you see the hockey game last? Boy did those Leafs blow it again, blah blah blah blah...
Joe: ya right...
(Joe walks away)
Joe: Fucking buddy gets me rattled everytime I see that cock fucker!
Steve: I agree, he's the worst.
by Edsy January 07, 2008
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barfrat: A nickname given to a short tempered, easily rattled, unintelligent, lazy, and hilariously rock bottom individual who needs to re-evaluate his or her own life.
Joe: Man can I borrow $1 to buy a coffee? I spent all my money on that Arby's yesterday.
John: You're so fucking stupid Barfrat... relax and do something with your life!
by Edsy January 06, 2008
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kainsy: often used as a synonym in place of chissling; however, to kainsy is more of a lifestyle then anything.
Sketchy: Dude where did you pick up that sick guitar?!
Justin: I write kainsy'd it off some broke bastard for $100. The thing's worth at least $400, I can turn around and make a $300 profit on E-bay easily.
Sketchy: nice!
by Edsy January 07, 2008
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