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Asian Drinking Disorder (n.)

A.D.D. occurs when members of the asian descent drink too much alcohol (sometimes no more than a beer, occasionally even one sip) and become red in the face, experience shortness of breath and other allergic reactions. It turns out that certain individuals, common in Asians, have a defective aldehyde dehydrogenase gene, ALDH2, in that it doesn’t metabolize acetaldehyde as rapidly as normal. Thus, a person who drinks too much builds up acetaldehyde in their system and feels bad or is sick. This manifests in Asians with the defected ALDH gene as a facial flush as they drink.
Damn, that Kim Jong Ill looking muthaphuka has A.D.D. and lost it after one drink...

You should date those asian girls. They have A.D.D..Only one drink and they're on the floor!

Take Teng-Lee Ong home. He's got A.D.D.! One Zima and he's already passing out....
by Ed Green December 06, 2007

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