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Hot Hobo Love is the beautiful bromance shared by Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge. More commonly known as TomStud and HotBert.
Growing up together as close friends, it was clear to their fans that it was more than just close friendship, that it was in fact, srs bsns. After noticing Tom Sturridge creeping in the background of Pattinson's photographs (See VMA awards), a TomStud fan by the name of Tech, or more commonly known as Touj0ursPur on YouTube discovered the world of Hot Hobo Love, and Plaids.
SrsBsnsFangirl: "Omg, who's that in the picture with Rpattz?!"

Plaid: "Gtfo. His name is Bert, and that's Tom."

SrsBsnsFangirl: "Who's Tom?"

Plaid: "Tom and Bert share the BEST type of Hot Hobo Love. Tom is his Bromance partner."
by Ecarg103 December 24, 2008

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