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The inherent feeling one has about the spelling structure of any particular word. Unfortunately, much of popular culture--band names in particular--inhibits this faculty.
The Beatles, The Monkees, and Phish have totally shafted my Sense of Spell, man.
Tell me about it; Cheeznips and Froot Loops ruined mine.
by East_IKoP July 21, 2010

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The act aggressively texting someone, usually in the form of mental domination.
"This guy was texting my girlfriend, so I textually assaulted him."
by East_IKoP February 22, 2010

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term used to describe the social gathering of 300 teenagers with no authoritative figure.
"Tom is such a SacredHeart kid; he does cocaine off his desk and gets straight A's!"
by East_IKoP February 16, 2010

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