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New Castle is a city in Western Pennsylvania, 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. It is refered to as "The Castle" in a derogatory way. It's population of 35,000 people is made up mostly of Oxy Contin addicts and crackheads, with a fair amount of heroin addicts thrown in for good measure. Most of the girls are total sluts, and street gangs rule the neighborhoods. NC has been called "The world's shittiest town" and "The asshole of Pennsylvania". Avoid New Castle at all cost.
"Where can I go for a cheap whore and some smack".
"Dude, New Castle is right down the road".

"It would be a quicker trip if we detoured through The Castle".
"Fuck that shit man, I'll drive the extra hour".
by EZ23 September 28, 2006

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one who enjoys having his penis 'mine' an ass. a cock miner just digs in for as long as possible.
that cock miner Mike did my girl in the ass!

Jess: Hey, why are you walkin so funny
Liz: That guy was a cock miner... he stretched me all out.
by EZ23 November 09, 2007

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