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Honda Civic is a well built family sedan/car, a japanese car to be exact; however it's reputation (along with several import makes and models) has been tarnished due to the media and the younger generation of our time. This simple family sedan has been turned by naive teens into something of a "street race car" which it isn't meant to be. This reputation however isn't hurting the Honda Corp. as instead it help them on the sales of the Civics in the automobile market. It however has hurt several innocent owners of Civics who are only after the vehicles very good gas mileage, reliability, and resale value. It is just sad to see that people (including police officers) see Civics and Civic owners as speeders or racers. You should just remember, NOT ALL ARE!
I don't know what their parents have been feeding them, maybe too much rice, but these kids otta know that their Honda Civic is really a family sedan not a sport car.
by ERAC_employee May 14, 2006

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