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an emotional, developmental, and neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, involuntary expletives, criticisms occurring during residency training.

Often associated with mood swings, aggressiveness, hormone imbalance.

Exacerbated by junior residents, ED residents, and females- in general.

Instant triggers include critical lab value pages, opposition, going to the OR, sobriety, macro-nutrient imbalance.
ED Resident 1: The only resident listed on hand call is Lindsay Allred. I'd rather just replant the hand myself then call her...
ED Resident 2: Dude, I heard she was diagnosed with Residency-Induced Tourette (RIT) syndrome.
ED Resident 1: It all makes sense! Well if the replant doesn't work, I'll still have the same success rate as Ryan Rebowe.

Critical lab value page: Patient calcium 8.4 mg/dL
Lindsay: *RIT EXPLOSION* $@%*! #$%!@+
by ED attending June 21, 2019
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