1 definition by ECGN Playa or am I?

Leader of the potatoes (potatoesdef'n two). Believed to be the receiver of attention from the original Trebor (Trebor def'n 1). He often thinks that he is smarter and wiser than all when he is actually duped and dispised by most. Generally has a bad attitude and some rumors that his penis is small - yet to be confirmed as the potatoes that suck up to him have not yet stepped forward to admit they were able to find it.
Man-at-arms was on ECGN today with his potatoes making the server no longer enjoyable to fellow rtcw'ers. After they got bored pimping their console muscles and banning any truly good players, they left to go screw around somewhere else.

Worthy player: "I thought this server had rules of conduct for its potatoes?"
Man-at-arms: "As far as I am concerned their are no rules of conduct" followed by '!ban Worthy player don't ask stupid questions cause I am a bum!'
by ECGN Playa or am I? January 24, 2005
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