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someone who stares at you or says weird things that make your almost have goose bumps. also used when people are obsessed with something or someone so much that they are to begin being called a creep.
Person 1 - OMG, that girl is so obsessed with that stuff!

Person 2 - I KNOW! She's such a creep!


Guy - *stares at girl intentionally from across the room*

Girl - AH! He is such a creep! Why does he keep staring at me?
by EBrog March 12, 2009

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a word that can be used at the end of almost any sentence. often used to describe an event in which something very big has happened and the only word you reach for is intense. you can always use this word while speechless and someone is looking for a response.
Person 1 - Dude, I totally failed my last bio test and now I'm going to be grounded.

Person 2 - Wow, that's intense.
by EBrog March 11, 2009

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