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In north America:

E30 M3 (quite possibly the best sports car ever made)

- 2.3L 192 hp Inline 4 S14B23

E36 M3
1995 - 3.0L 240 hp Inline 6 S50B30
1996+- 3.2L 240 hp Inline 6 S52B32 (the 3.2L saw an eleven ft/lbs increase.)

"Best-Handling Car Ever – at any Price" - Car and Driver (`97)

E46 M3

- 3.2L 333 hp Inline 6 S54B32

E90/2/3 M3

- 4.0L 414 hp V8 S65B40

No factory M3 to this date has been powered by a V6 engine. If you do not know the difference between an inline and a "V" configuration, I suggest you educate yourself a little more before writing a definition.

All M3 (to current date) came stock with naturally aspirated engines. This means they do not need the boost of Forced Induction (see: Mercedes) to make massive power from small displacement.
Despite the RS4 having a larger engine, producing more power, the E46 M3 is quicker around the track.

E92 M3 beat C63 AMG and RS4 around the track.
by E30Dream January 22, 2009

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by e30dream September 19, 2009

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