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8-bit (also spelled as 8-Bit, 8 bit or 8bit) may refer to:

* 8-bit, a historical computer architecture;

o 8-bit game consoles, see History of video game consoles (third generation).

* Octet (computing), a corresponding unit of information, colloquially referred as a byte.

* 8-bit color.

* 8-bit sound;

o 8-bit (music), a style that imitate 8-bit sound.

o 8-Bit, a song by Deadmau5 from his album Get Scraped.

o 8-bit, a group of comedic rappers that use the 8-bit style.

* 8-bit clean, a term in digital communication;

o 8bit, one of MIME encodings – see MIME#Content-Transfer-Encoding;

o 8BITMIME, an option of ESTMP protocol.
An 8bit color picture.
by E.Bless June 15, 2010

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