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The condition experienced the morning after enthusiastic crowd participation at a metal/punk/hardcore show. Characterized by the usual symptoms of a hangover combined with scrapes, bruises, aches and pains from being tossed about, slammed into and occasionally stomped on. General usage indicates tinitis and/or a sore neck from banging one's head while brutal handing (i.e. giving the claw).
I saw Tooth last night and, man, I could hardly eat my grits this morning I had such a brutal bangover. I got my ass kicked, it was great. What? Huh? Sorry, can't hear a damn thing 'cept the ringing.
by E. dubs May 12, 2007
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One who will only eat meat that is (a) free range or (b) free. The basis for this behavior is to avoid economic support of factory farming. If meat is going to be wasted anyway, a freegetarian feels no compuction consuming it.
Josh doesn't usually eat burgers when he goes out, being a freegetarian and all. Restaurants really should start listing the sources of ingredients they use, it would make his life a lot easier.
by E. Dubs January 02, 2007
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