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For sure, of course, aight, ok, yes, yep...you get it!
so'd you like d12's new shit?
fo' sure!
by E Dogg March 08, 2004

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A phrase used to describe something
that is outstanding or over the top. Usually used to describe something in a positive way.
Can be used as a substitution for
off the hook, off the hizzy, off the rocker,or off the chain.
Yo dogg, that new cris CD is off the hanger.
by e dogg February 16, 2004

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koolest realest mofo chi town has ever seen

for real nukka
what the fuck u doing E DoGg stop humping that.
by E DoGg April 02, 2005

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Shortened and less offensive but equally funny slang term for Negro's or Ni##er. Used when in a group of African Americans, so they dont know what you are calling them.
Hey, look at those two Gra's over there eating that huge watermelon and chicken leg!
by E Dogg March 17, 2005

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