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To ejaculate into a full rectum after which point one proceeds to pull out and spread the buttocks. Upon achieving relaxation of the anus one may proceed to utilize the tongue in order to scoop out the feces freshly topped with semen.
Serves up to 4.
Caution: May contain peanuts.
A: Hey I'm heading to Alberto's for a Hot Lunch and maybe an Alabama Hot Pocket. Wanna join us?

D: No thanks! I'm meeting up with Vlad. He wants to try my Hot Dessert again. Hopefully it turns out this time. Last time it was a little runny and we didn't even have any napkins. He had to use his shirt to wipe off his face after he licked my serving dish clean. Anyway I thought you weren't talking to Alberto anymore after the whole Angry Pirate thing.
by Dyl Busto September 17, 2010
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